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My take as a regular for around a month

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No icon My take as a regular for around a month Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2016 6:47 pm Reply with quote

Hey so I was hyped about the remastered version coming out soon and wanted to play some good old CoD4 again.
Seeing as this server is one of the few unmodded, non-shitty servers that actually have a decent playerbase, the choice was easy.
I've been playing here almost everyday now and I've even reached #3 on the leaderboards.

Now I've had alot of fun on this server, and a couple of the guys here are really friendly. I've really experienced what CoD4 was(and still is) all about. I've felt the nostalgia rush through my veins on multiple occasions.


many of the players, and surprisingly a lot of the "clan members" and admins are rude, whiny and not very welcoming.
Asking certain questions, playing in a specific way or even just trying to make conversation will trigger rude responses or cause you to get cursed at by players tagging B2K. Their whole attitude reminds me of myself, when I was in middle school.
Which brings me to my next big problem with this server.
The admins.

How can you possibly ban me two times in less than a month for "wh", when I am clearly not cheating in any way whatsoever?
Do you realise how many people you may have wrongfully banned, simply because they were good or got lucky? I don't even consider myself very good at this game, and yet I'm being constantly accused of cheating, both by players and admins.

Having a single admin be able to ban a player for three days without giving any warnings or having any discussion first is outrageous. Especially when this power is often abused by what I can only call whiny 15-year old kids who can't handle someone being better than them, or playing in a different way than they are used to seeing.

Can you imagine what would happen if people who are actually good at this game would join the server? They would be banned in an instant because one of the underage admins got too tired of not winning easily, even when they stack the teams with all the other 15 year old B2K-admins(which by the way is a breach of your own clan rules).

PLEASE understand that this is not the way to keep your players, and that any semi-skilled player would either need to befriend all the immature admins, or simply stop playing on the server, in order to not get banned wrongfully.
I have no idea how many admins you have, or what it takes to become an admin, but I can guarantee you there's atleast a few people who should have their rights revoked with immediate effect.

Thanks for reading.
- fattigmann
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No icon Re: My take as a regular for around a month Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2016 6:52 pm Reply with quote

i will be really glad if you report to us the rude guys
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No icon Re: My take as a regular for around a month Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2016 7:25 pm Reply with quote

Ah, this type of topics from "outsiders" I really like, and as an admin you are here insulting, I'm gonna give you a piece of my mind.
Let me start by saying that I wasn't present at any of your bans, so can't give you my opinion about that. I know you posted demos, but since you've already been unbanned by a leader, which passes my power, and I'm too busy irl, I didn't watch those. Since you are a regular you have probably seen me playing with you and against you, and as you know you haven't been banned. I have personally speced you a few times, because that's how all b2k admins function, but I didn't see enough for a ban. Have seen a few suspicious  kills, but maybe you got lucky, who knows.
Every single b2k admin doesn't ban if he is not 100% sure, and believe me when I say to you that we don't ban if we don't consult with other members currently online.
Secondly, we don't stack up in teams, most of us, including myself presses auto-assign which is the most fair thing you can do. If we do get stacked by accident it is usually fixed in matter of minutes, if there is enough space on other team. Cause I'm sure you know that when auto-balance comes in, it first switches the players that joined last.
Thirdly, if our players are rude, you should as a human being (you are one, right?) that we all have our bad days and real life responsibilities. Sometimes you can't that out in real world, cause you can't shoot your boss/professor or whoever got you mad, so you need to release the steam by maybe swearing or something else. It happens to the best of us.
Now lets get to your "insults" here. By calling admins whiny 15-year-old kids without even knowing who they are you yourself are acting as those who you call out. If you come here to give suggestions on how to make server better, please do, we will here it out. But when you come here to whine and basically order us to remove admins, just because you were banned, that's not how a normal and mature human being should act. Furthermore, you can't just come here and say we ban people if they are better than ourselves, cause you don't really know anything about us or about how we function. You are drawing conclusions from your own bans.
To finish this, if our admins banned you, they thought they were right, they didn't do that because you killed them to many times, they did that because they saw something. If you got lucky few too many times in a row and they thought you were hacking, they have the right to ban you. They can't know you got lucky, right? They can act on what they see. We are humans, we can make mistakes, and if do make one, we see that it is fixed.
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No icon Re: My take as a regular for around a month Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2016 8:12 pm Reply with quote

I were good player before, started to play here at b2k and survived admins and accusations. So that was trigger for me to stay here, and no not true, admins here have OK eye for cheaters/skill.

@leaders and rest of clan

i've also reported long time ago rude members to kraken...(few cases were b2k members were really rude to me). I'm sure everyone knows me here and that im guy who know how to take a joke. But this was something else

As i've started in my own thread, that many members and so little admins resulting angry behavior when cheater is online. We at WSG had rule that each admin must must must record and keep demo in case of ban appeal. That was obligation and file sizes are small anyways, where permban was really permban, no 2nd chance. Doesn't matter if admin is 100 sure for ban or not, demo is there to be attached in case of regular ban appeal or when admins or members doing shity things and deserving to be removed from clan.

Our 2nd rule was. Having hidden forum section for high council or group of admins. Where investigations were happened. In simple words, one of admins caught member/other admin/leader cheating or being suspicious, he records demo and posting it there. So whole group sees that and providing group decision for further actions against member. That's the way to create quality admin base.

That's just MY oppinion, and I've fully understand b2k rules and leadership decisions. This is "what" i would do, but that's just me. Talking from 3 year active clan on cod4 scene with 260k players on first wsg database, 120k on 2nd database, and around 300k at DW clan database. So that's a lot of players passed, tons of bans, admins, appeals. My summary is that no matter how good or bad clan is. You must making changes to survive.

Best Regards and apology if I've offended someone with my words
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No icon Re: My take as a regular for around a month Posted: Sat Oct 29, 2016 2:52 pm Reply with quote

You're right, having demo's would make it easier to prove your point, but it's just way to easy to cheat in this game. That's why we have decided in the beginning of making this clan that we would only demand a demo if a b2k member has been accused of cheating. We felt like this was an important rule within the clan to avoid mistakes and fights between members.

It's just way more convenient if our admins can ban on the spot without having to worry about those demo's. I think that we as leaders really don't make a fuss about people coming on our forum with a ban complaint. Of course the ban stands if we think that it should, but I feel like most of the time we are willing to give those players another chance.

Furthermore we already adjusted the ban rules from being an instant permban to a 3 day tempban. I get it that it feels bad if you're wrongfully banned, but waiting 3 days to play again shouldn't be the end of the world.
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