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#1: No icon Identify yourself to the XLRstats website Author: [B2K]KraKenLocation: Milano PostPosted: Wed Jul 08, 2015 3:17 pm
This tutorial will show you how to identify yourself to the XLRstats website, get your token in your profile on the xlrstats website.

start registering at the xlr board to create your profile. Register

in your profile you'll see a token (red background) you can use this token in the server to claim your stats.

Ingame open chat and write: !xlrid YOUR_TOKEN
- You will now have access to the extra (private) Tabs on your personal playerstats page. (wait the PM back ingame with success)

Once identified you can bookmark your playerpage(s) and add the account to your "My Soldiers" list. Click the Finish Identification button on your playerstats page (just find your name and click it). (Only available after registration and identification )
This 'Player Identification Token' is valid (and the same) for all servers in this community!

here the info image also:

go to "Profile" and look for your "Player Identifier Token"

ingame open consol and write:

!xlrid XXXXXX

where XXXXX is your token number

wait the PM confirmation

than return on XLR Website, find and click your name used to keep the token:

your profile will pen and finish by clicking on:


B2KILL.COM -> WebSite News & Updates

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