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For Everyone:

- Respect everyone in and out of the game.

- Cheaters are not allowed. Any modification or exploit of the game (be it client or server vulnerabilities) are not allowed. If you are caught cheating & glitching you will be banned without warning. This is your only warning, disable and remove any pathetic cheats. These include, but are not limited to: wall hacks, aim-bots, etc. We play fair. If you accuse someone of cheating, you must make a valid argument or you will find yourself being kicked from the server. Just because someone is a good player, doesn't mean they are cheating. If you suspect a cheater, make a frap to back up your claim and PM/email an admin, NOT the shout box on homepage.

- Players have the right to type what they like in the chat feature, as long as the text is respectful and does not become disruptive or is spammed.

- Players have the right to speak what they like in the voice chat feature, as long as the voice is respectful and does not become disruptive or is spammed.

- Disruptive players will be kicked. If disruptive behavior persists, the player will be banned.

- Players have the right to camp.

- Racism will not be tolerated and is considered disruptive.

- NO RECRUITING! We don't mind other clans playing on our servers, it's all about fun and numbers but we will not tolerate other clans stacking sides, advertising their clans,website and recruiting Players, if your clan is caught doing any of the above, you and your buddies will be banned.

- NO WHINING ABOUT THE SERVERS! The admins decide how the servers are run, if you have some suggestions, you are welcome to post about them in our Suggestion forum board. We set up and monitor the servers, however as individuals may have ideas and wants for the server, we ask the members to respect our judgement for the good of the clan as a whole.

- IN-GAME CHAT - Admins will not tolerate the excessive use of in game binds and taunts. Consistently using binds or taunts is annoying and we will not tolerate it. We have and will kick players for being annoying. Please show some respect, it goes without saying that we do not wish to have any swearing on our servers.

- Complaints! - If you must gripe - please PM an admin. If you have an issue with an admin PM a Leader NOT the shout box!

- Obey your admins... what they say goes so do not get yourself in a situation where we are forced to make a decision about your status and future on the server/B2K website/in the clan.

- Since elevator tricks are disruptive, all map exploits are forbidden on main - matters not how great you think you are; 1st offense kick then bans become longer.

For the Clan:

- Always wear the clan tag.

- Never lie.

- No multi clan for each single game.

- Do not join us for admin purposes.

- If Applying to the clan, Please put kisses as the secret word to prove your read these rules.

- Being an active part of the community is a must. You must come to the website regularly to be able to vote on new members, keep up to date with any news with the clan and the games we are involved with. With that said, if you don't come to the website as a member for 28 days, You will be PMed by a admin to see whats up. From the date and time the PM sent, you will have 7 days to respond. If no response is given, and you don't come to the site to even see the message, you will be removed from the clan and stripped of the [B2K] tags. You will need to re-apply to get back in. If you get booted a second time, you will not be welcomed back into the clan.
If you give prior notice of your absence by using the "Inactivity Board" or something major happens in real life and you can not contact us, then you can bypass the re-applying, just contact an admin in this event.

- We expect all members to understand that when they play they represent our clan as a whole and any behaviour which reflects badly upon our clan will be dealt with by the admins.

- If clan member is suspected of foul play a verification video of the event showing full proof thereof need be submitted to clan leaders for evaluation prior to punishment or even mentioning it to suspected clan member or other clan members in public.

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