Default Gametype:

Map Rotation
To add more maps to the map rotation simply press the green plus button. You will need at least 1 map selected to generate your map rotation code. Tick the checkbox "verbose output" to display an english version of your gametype and map selection as well.
Map 1:

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How-To setup the maps.cfg
Step 1: Create a new file called: maps.cfg within the /main/ folder.
Step 2: Add the 'output' code in this file.
Step 3: Save the file within the /main/ folder of your COD4 dedicated server files.

How-To include the maps.cfg
Add the following text:
exec maps.cfg
to the bottom of the config.cfg file located in /main/ of your COD4 dedicated server files.

Download your main config.cfg file to your desktop. Open it up w/ notepad.
The last step is to add this line to the bottom of your config.cfg file.

Please Note! Your main config name will vary. e.g.:
Save it & upload it to your server.
Restart your server and now your new map rotation should be in effect.

Map Game Types
	dm => Deathmatch
	war => Team Deathmatch
	sab => Sabotage
	dom => Domination
	koth => Headquarters
	sd => Search & Destroy

Default Maps
	mp_convoy => Ambush
	mp_backlot => Backlot
	mp_bloc => Bloc
	mp_bog => Bog
	mp_broadcast => Broadcast
	mp_carentan => China Town
	mp_citystreets => Citystreets
	mp_countdown => Countdown
	mp_crash => Crash
	mp_crash_snow => Crash Snow
	mp_creek => Creek
	mp_crossfire => Crossfire
	mp_farm => Downpour
	mp_killhouse => Killhouse
	mp_overgrown => Overgrown
	mp_pipeline => Pipleline
	mp_shipment => Shipment
	mp_showdown => Showdown
	mp_strike => Strike
	mp_vacant => Vacant
	mp_cargoship => Wetworks